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The Hotel Room of the Future

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The Hotel Room of the Future

Watch the video and answer the following questions.
Q. 1     Match the words with the pictures.


a bedside table - a cupboard - curtains - a desk with a chair -
a double bed - a framed picture - a hair dryer - a mirror -
wall lights - a wash basin (UK) or a sink (US).
Q. 2     Tick the adjectives that best describe the first hotel room.
          luxurious       traditional    banal             splendid    boring
            plain             ordinary        magnificent  classic         dull
             exceptional   basic            gorgeous        plain          simple
Q. 3     Complete the journalist's comments about this hotel room.
         " as a , no  at all, utterly (= completely) "
Q. 4     What is the journalist's reaction when he sees the bathroom?
         "I wanna (= want to) ."
Q. 5     What information do we get about the hotel room of the future?
            The creators are  British  French  Canadian  German  American.
            The objective is to show hotels how they can use  to make
            rooms more .
Q. 6     What is particular about the shape of the room?
            Why is it important?
            The room is . People get more  in a  room.
Q. 7     What are the main features in the hotel room of the future?
           aquariumback - ceiling - change the colour - infrared rays - lights (x2) -
rocked - sensors - sink - steam machine - talking - video screen - wall - warm.
           a. You can  of the .
           b. There is a  TV screen.
           c. You can be  by the energy bed.
           d. There are special  in the floor that turn the  on automatically when you have to
               go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
           e. The  at the  go on automatically.
           f. There is a  with a scent of in the bathroom.
           g. There is a  that uses  and pumps them out to  your .
           h. You can sit back in the Jacuzzi and watch any video programme you like, including a video
           i. The window can become a .
Q. 8     What is the journalist's reaction at the end of the TV report?
           He says: "Now, if more hotels were like this one, with their little creature comforts*, once you
           , you won't want to  ever again."
           * creature comforts noun [pl.] all the things that make life, or a particular place, comfortable, such as
              good food, comfortable furniture or modern equipment.
What did you like best about the hotel room of the future?
Share your impressions with the rest of the class!