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Reading Comprehension and Listening: Phil Collins´ Do You Remember?

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Reading Comprehension and Listening:

Phil Collins: Do You Remember?

Read the following text about Phil Collins and do the crosword:

Balding and diminutive, Collins was almost 30 years old when his first solo single, "In the Air Tonight," became a number two hit in his native U.K

Long before any of that happened, however, Collins (b: 30 Jan 1951, London) was a child actor/singer who appeared as The Artful Dodger in the London production of Oliver (He also has a cameo in A Hard Day's Night of The Beatles, the band that greatly affected his musical style.)

He got his first break in music at the end of his teens, when he was chosen to be a replacement drummer in the British art-rock band Genesis in 1970. Genesis was fronted by singer Peter Gabriel. They had achieved a moderate level of success in the U.K. and the U.S., with elaborate concept albums. Gabriel abruptly left in 1974, so they decided to let Collins have a go. The result was a gradual simplifying of Genesis' sound and an increasing focus on Collins' expressive, throaty voice.
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6 8

1. Where was Phil Collins born?

2. What was the title of his first solo single? (In the_____ Tonight)
3. What musical instrument did he play at the beginning of his career?
4.What rock band did he play in?
5.Which band was he influenced by?
6. What other art genre did he do as a child?
7. and 8. What adjectives are used to describe his voice?

Now watch the video and do the following exercises.


Choose the words that you can hear.

We never about it

But I hear the blame was

I call you up to say I'm sorry

But I wouldn't want to your time

'Cos I love you, but I can't any more

There's a I can't describe in your eyes

If we try, like we tried before

When you kept on me those lies

Tell me

Do you remember...?


Match the beginning and the end of the following lines

There seemed no                 A looked it told me

'Cos it seemed                    B let me know

And the way you                 C way to make up

It's a look I know                D over to my side

You could've come               E your mind was set

You could've                       F to see the distance between us

You could've tried                G  I'll never forget

But it seemed                     H too far for you to go.


Tell me

Do you remember...?


Tick the words that you can hear.

Through  though all of my life

In spite of all the paint   pain

You know people are funny sometimes  some times

'cos they just can't weight  wait

To get heard  hurt again

Tell me

Do you remember...?


Write in the words that you can hear. The images may help.

There are things won't recall

Feelings we'll find

It's taken so   to see it

Cos we never seemed to have the  

There was always something important to do

More important to say

But "I you" wasn't one of things

And now it's too


Do you remember...?

Tell me now