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The First Certificate  1
Choose the most appropriate preposition:
1-She's very interested  politics.
2-Morocco is famous its touristic sites.
3-They were satisfied  the performance.
4-I'm not sure  the time of the final match.
5-She was dressed  black.
6-He's jealous  my career and job position.
7-They are very keen  Andalusian music.
8-Are you pleased  your new car?
9-It was silly  you to treat her like that!
10-I'm really fed up  the telly these days
Choose the right form of the verb:
1-I  reading this book by the time you  me next week.
2-If only we  yesterday's music concert on TV.
3- She'd rather  ,but I want her  because I can't go alone.
4-I can't remember  my thumb when I was a child.
5-It's time we !
6-I wish I  rich. you have the same wish?
7-They  to Casablanca.They  with us until next Monday.
8-He's used  a siesta.You can't oblige him not to.
9-She's likely  all the questions correctly.Her teacher  her yesterday.
10-If he  me,I  angry during the meeting.
11-I didn't react;but what  if you  in my place.
12-By the end of next month,I  here for ten years.
Rewrite the sentences using the words between brackets :
1-I'm sure Jalila answered all the on-line exercises perfectly well.(have)
   Jalila  all the on-line exercises perfectly well.
2-I'm certainly sure that Badr is working hard to save money to marry Safaa (be)
   Badr  hard to save money to marry Safaa .
3- It's not necessary for him to save too much as Safaa's father will help.(have)
   He  save too much as Safaa's father will help.
4-Said is thinking about a school project.He started thinking about it when he was a child (ever since)
   Said  he was a child  .
5-"Where are SiMohammed and Farouq?"Everybody asked.(wanted)
    Everybody   .
6-If you don't prepare for the exam,you'll fail it!(better)
    You  .
7-I could hardly move because the room was so crowded (such)
    It  .
8-I'm sure Zineb will pass her high school exams with flying colours (bound)
    Zineb  her high school exams with flying colours .
9-The mechanic has just repaired my car.(had)
   I  .
10-Mustapha is much taller than me (nearly as)                
   I  .
11-Imane missed two lessons this month.(not)
  If only Imane  two lessons this month .
12- "You must do it by yourself" He said.(told)
   He  .
13- Why did you buy meat? We already bought it.(have)
   You  .We already bought it.
14- Your boss will never tolerate lateness. (put)
    Your boss  lateness
15-Doing such a big mistake is inexcusable (excuse)
     There is  doing such a big mistake.
                                   Good Luck with your FC exam