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Read the text:

There are seven continents on our planet. Australia is one of the most interesting continents.Twenty onemillion people live in Australia. They speak English. The weather in Australia is hot and sunny. There are many interesting animals in Australia. Dingoes are dogs but they dont live with people. They are wildand you can see them in the desert.Kangaroos and koalas live in Australia too. They carry their babies in a special pocket. Koalas are grey and have big ears. They can climb trees. Kangaroos are bigger and have very strong legs. They can jump high and run very fast. They dont eat meat. They like to eat vegetables and grass.

Choose the right answer:

How many continents are there on our planet?

5 6 7

How many people live in Australia?

20 million 21 million 22 million

Where do dingoes live?

with people in the garden in the desert

What colour are koalas?

greyblack white

What do kangaroos eat?
meatvegetables and grass koalas
Romanova :)