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Present Simple: BE

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Present Simple: Be
1             Choose one of the words from the box to complete the sentences in the table.
am          is          are
a student.
a teacher.
a pretty girl.
good friends.
Peter and Mary.
Make the sentences negative.                                                     Change the sentences into questions.
I’m not a student                                                     .                     Am I a student                                                      ?
.                                                                       ?
.                                                                         ?
.                                                                  ?
.                                                                   ?
.                                                              ?
2             Choose the correct option.
            A:            What are ’s your name?
B:            Hi, I 'm is Tony.
A:            Is Are you French?
B:            No, I 'm not isn’t.
A:            What am ’s her name?
B:            Her name are ’s Sarah.
A:            Are Is she Italian?
B:            Yes, she is are.
A:            Is Are they students?
B:            Yes, they are is.
3             Complete the following questions with the correct form of be and then match 
               them with the right answer.
1 What  your name?        (  )                                         a He’s my best friend. His name  Paul.
2 Where  they from?      (  )                                         b 15 years old.
3  you a student?           (  )                                         c They  from Canada.
4 How old  you?            (  )                                         d My name  Melanie.
5 Who  he?                     (  )                                         e No, I  not. I  a teacher.