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Pet Airways

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 VIDEO 1: Pet Airways Commercial
Watch the video and fill in the blanks.





 "If you are a  owner, you know how flying can be a experience for your  or . On  airlines your furry  is treated no better than a  getting stowed away in the  and  confines of the plane's cargo hold."

"Introducing Pet Airways, the world's first airline exclusively dedicated to the  and  transportation of pets. At Pet Airways, pets fly in the , not in cargo. We believe our pets are not . They are . On Pet Airways your best friend travels in four-legged style in the constantly monitored by a pet attendant, with the  just  and with lots of  circulating . Your pet arrives  and well cared for, and with a lot less  for both you and your pet. We should all be so . Pet Airways, the form of  for your ."



 VIDEO 2: Pet Airways on Fox News
Watch the video and answer the following questions.
 Who is Alysa Binder?    
 True or False?
       There are absolutely no humans on the plane.            True.        False.
 Listen to Alysa Binder explain where the idea of Pet Airways came from, then fill in the blanks.
         "Well, we are  and we are , and my husband Dan Wiesel and I took our dog , here she
         is, on a flight from  to , and we were very  during the whole time, and we said
         there has to be a way. And my husband came up with the idea of Pet Airlines."
 True or False?
       • There will not be a sufficient market for Pet Airways.            True.        False.     
       • Each pet has to have an ID.                                                              True.        False. 
 What does Alysa Binder say about the philosophy behind Pet Airlines?
         "Everything about our airline is all about the  and making it  or less  on the pet
 How much is the introductory price?
        It is      $129 each way      $139 each way      $149 each way      $159 each way     $169 each way.
Prepare the answers to the following questions on a sheet of paper, then share them with the rest of the class.



1. Do you have a pet / any pets?


2. How long have you had your pet(s)?
3. What is the name of your pet?
4. Where did you get your pet(s)?
5. What is your pet like? (character)
    What are your pets like?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a pet?
7. Do you think one can learn something by having a pet
8. Do you think we pamper our pets too much?
(to pamper = to take care of sb very well and make them feel as comfortable as possible)