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Song: QUEEN In seven days. PAST SIMPLE- DAYS OF THE WEEK with questions By VanesaA

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*Put the verbs in past simple and the YELLOW words in the correct place.�������
���������������������IN SEVEN DAYS
�the start of my holiday������������ Saturday��������� Friday
Freedom for just one week������������������������������������������������ Sunday����������� Thursday
Feels good to get away ooh��������������������������������������������������������������� Wednesday������� Tuesday
�I� (see PAST SIMPLE)her down on the beach����������������������
I� (stand PAST SIMPLE)and� (watch PAST SIMPLE)a while
And she� (look�PAST SIMPLE)�and� (smile PAST SIMPLE)�at me

�I didn't see her
I� (hope�PAST SIMPLE)that she'd be back tomorrow
And then on
My luck had changed
She stood there all alone
I� (go�PAST SIMPLE) and� (ask�PAST SIMPLE) her name
I never� (think�PAST SIMPLE)�that this� (can�PAST SIMPLE)happen to me
In only seven days
It would take a hundred or more
For memories to fade

I wish� would last for ever
I� (hold�PAST SIMPLE)her close to me
I couldn't bear to leave her there

�just twenty four hours
Oh no I'm going back home on

Ooh so� alone
*Answer these questions
Where�was he on holiday?
How long did he stay?
Who did he meet?
When did she smile at him?
Did he see her on Tuesday?
Was she at the beach on Wednesday?
Was she with a man?
Did he ask her her name?
When did he come back home?
How was he on Sunday?
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ By Vanesaa