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Make Peace. Friendship. -Song- That is What Friends Are For. (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Lycée Si-Tarek of Relizane

Second Year Pupils – Scientific Streams

Reference Sheet

Unit 03: Make Peace

Sequence 03: Listen and Consider.


Thumbs Up Listen carefully to this beautiful song then do the activities below.





Verse 1                             .
Smile And I ...

Embarrassed Never  I'd feel this way

Wink And as far as I'm ...

Smile I'm glad I got the chance to say

Heart That I I love you

Ermm And if I should ever
Sleepy Well then close your eyes and try
Thumbs Up to feel the way we
QuestionAnd then if you can .....


Chorus                              .

Star Keep sg
Smile Keep sg
Heart Knowin' you can always ct on me
Thumbs Up for sure
Hug that's what friends are for


Thumbs Up For d times

Thumbs Down And d times

Heart I'll be on your side fr more

HugThat's what friends are for


Verse 2                             .

Ermm And now there's so much more I see

Clap And so by the way I thank you....

Heart Well you came and opened me


Ohhh and then

Cry For the times  is  when we're apart
SleepyWell  you  just close your eyes and know
Heart These words are coming in from my heart
Question And then if you can remember....


(Repeat chorus 3x)


Get Involved...

You can make a difference






This song is dedicated to my best friend and colleague towards whom my attitude is unforgivable. But, if there is something I am sure of, it is that he understands. That's what friends are for.