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Timīs Bank Holiday

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It was bank Holiday yesterday and for the first time the Redfords had a very good day! On Bank Holidays they used to get in the car  and dad drove to some distant place... but they soon got stuck in a traffic jam and they ended up waiting for hours in the car.

Yesterday everything was different. Dad and Elsa, the young daughter, went for a walk around London.It was really exciting! They took a camera with them and dad taught Elsa how to take good photos. They took a lot of strange and funny photos of the most famous sights. Mum didn't go with them. She works a lot but she's also a very sporty woman. So... she put on her trainers, took a walkman and went running in St. James's Park. She went alone... there's always a lot of people where she works and every now and then she needs to spend some time on her own. And what about Tim, the Redfords' son? Uncle Brad came to pick him up early in the morning to go to the local swimming pool. He enjoyed a lot: he went up and down the water slides all day long. Poor Uncle Brad!
The Redfords have got a cat: its name's Balloon. He doesn't like going out, so he stayed at home and slept in the sitting room -next to the sofa- all day long. He has got a big, soft, warm basket.
Read the questions and click the image corresponding to the correct answer.
1. What did the Redfords use to do on Bank Holidays?
2. What did dad do?
3. What did mum do? 
4. What did Tim do?
5. Has Tim got any pets?