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action and state verbs
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Action and State verbs
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Age: 12-17
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State verbs and action verbs
1 Tom is on the internet. He�s telling people about himself. Say which verbs express states and which express actions.
� A- I surf the Net most evening.
� B- My lat is in the town centre.
� C- I drive a taxi in the daytime.
� D- I own two cars.
� E- I go to lots of parties.
� F- I love football.
1 Complete the converstion. Choose the correct orm o the verb.
� Emma:�� Hi, Matthew. What �at?
� Matt:��� Oh, hi. These are photos o me when I was a child.
� Emma:���Oh, look at this one. I �you look lovely, Matt.
� Matt:��� I �somemore photos here.
� Emma:�� Look at this. Why such a big coat?
� Matt:��� It was my brother�s. That�s why it �properly.
� Emma: Oh, �And �your tea here. And in this one you �about something very serious.
� Matt:��This is a photo of the village I �from.
� Emma:� Oh, tha�s nice.
� Matt:�� And I cought this ish, look. �about half a kilo.
� Emma:�� What a nice little boy! And what a sentimental old thing you are now!