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Michael Jackson YOU ARE NOT ALONE (to be, Past SIMPLE) By VanesaA

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Listen to the song, choose or complete with the orange words.
                   YOU ARE NOT ALONE
Another  has gone
I still all alone                                                                     *
How  (can PAST SIMPLE) this be
Younot here with me                                                                     *
You never 
 (say PAST SIMPLE) goodbye              
Someone tell me 
Did you have to go                                                                   *
And leave my world so  

Everyday I   and  myself                                       arms      
How did love slip away?
Something whispers in my  and says                             
That you are not alone                                                            heart
For I 
here with you                          
Though you're far away                                                           ear 
here to stay
You are not alone
I am here with you
Though we
far apart                                                           night
always in my                                                  *
You are not alone
Whisper  words and I'll come runnin'                                   *

And girl you know that I'll be 
You are not alone
I am  with you
Though you
far way
I am here to stay

Chorus                              *                          by VanesaA