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Paintballing Weekend

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Paintballing Weekend

During a crazy weekend of paintball, four friends were having great fun. The paint came in blue, green, yellow and red. Coincidentally, the four friends had T-shirts in those same colours. Brenda used blue paint balls. The person in the green T-shirt used yellow paint balls. James was not wearing a red T-shirt. Diane used green paint balls and wore a blue T-shirt. Simon was the only person who used paint which was the same colour as his T-shirt. Can you tell which colour paint they each used and the colour of their respective T-shirts?

STEP ONE: Fill in the grid with YES or NO.





blue T-shirt

green T-shirt

red T-shirt

yellow T-shirt

blue paint

green paint

red paint

yellow paint

STEP TWO: Sum up the grid.
Brenda wore a �T-shirt and used �paint.
Diane wore a �T-shirt and used �paint.
James wore a �T-shirt and used��paint.
Simon wore a �T-shirt and used �paint.
Note: This logic puzzle was created by Kevin Stone.
� Kevin Stone [www.brainbashers.com]
� �