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The Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty

Watch the video and answer the following questions.




















Q.1   In which city is the Statue of Liberty?
            in Los Angeles.     in Washington D.C.     in New York City.     in San Francisco.
Q.2   Fill in the blanks.
       The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable  of the United States,
           representing  and  from  for people all around the
           world. The Statue of Liberty was for decades often the first  of the
           United States for millions of  arriving after ocean voyages from
Q.3   When was the Statue of Liberty dedicated? What was the occasion?
           The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on     to commemorate
           the  of the founding of the United States. 
Q.4   Which country gave the Statue of Liberty as a gift / present?
           England.     Germany.     France.     Italy.     Spain      Portugal.
Q.5   Choose the correct answers.
            Fredéric Auguste Bartholdi .
            Gustave Eiffel .
Q.6   How much did the Statue of Liberty cost?
        $2,500.      $25,000.      $250,000.      $2,500,000.
Q.7   Which means of transport do you have to take to see the Statue of Liberty?
            You have to take the .
Q.8   Complete the following description of the Statue of Liberty.
           The statue is of a  figure standing upright, dressed in a  with a
            point spiked rays representing a , holding a stone  close to her
           body in her  hand and a flaming  high in her  hand. The tablet
           bears the date   , commemorating the date of the United
           States  of .
Q.9   What is the Statue of Liberty composed of?
            The statue is made of a sheeting of pure  hung on a framework of 
            with the exception of the flame of the torch, which is coated in  leaf.
Q.10  What are the characteristics of the pedestal on which the Statue of Liberty
            The statue stands atop a rectangular stonework pedestal with a foundation in the
            shape of an irregular -pointed .
Q.11  How tall is the Statue of Liberty?
            The statue is  feet  inch tall.
Q.12  True or False?
        New York City is the biggest city in the United States.   True.     False.
Q.13  How many inhabitants are there in New York City?
             over 5 million.     over 8 million.     over 10 million.     over 12 million.
Q.14  How many foreign and American tourists visit New York City each year?
             about 20 million.     about 30 million.    about 40 million.     about 50 million.
Q.15  Fill in the blanks in the description of New York City.
        The city's  centres for  are among the nation's most influential, and
            for more than a century, it's been one of the world's major centres of  and
     THE END