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The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building




























Watch the video and answer the following questions.


Q. 1   Pay attention to the figures! Fill in the blanks in the following introduction.


The Empire State Building is a -stor(e)y art deco skyscraper built in . It stood as the world's tallest building for more than  years up until the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center opened in . The Empire State Building rises to  feet including the -foot pinnacle. The building has  stor(eys of commercial and office space and indoor and outdoor observation desks on the th and nd floors. The lobby is  storeys high.

Q. 2   Where is the Empire State located?


The Empire State Building is located in  and , just  of midtown .


Q. 3   More figures!

¤ The Empire State Building has   elevators and there are  steps from street level to the top floor.
¤ The observatories of the Empire State Building have been visited by more than  million people.


Q. 4   True or False?
New York City is the biggest city in the United States.   True.     False.
Q. 5   How many inhabitants are there in New York City?
 over 5 million.     over 8 million.     over 10 million.     over 12 million.
Q. 6   How many foreign and American tourists visit New York City each year?
 about 20 million.     about 30 million.    about 40 million.     about 50 million.
Q. 7   Fill in the blanks in the description of New York City .
The city's  centres for  are among the nation's most influential, and for more than a century, it's been one of the world's major centres of  and .