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Make Peace. Song - Will You Be There. by Michael Jackson. (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Lyc�e Si-Tarek of Relizane

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Reference Sheet

Unit 03: Make Peace

Sequence 03: Listen and Consider.

1-Choose the right word:


Like the Jordan

And I will then say to

You are my

��������� me

Like you are my

Love me like

Could you ?

2-Order the sentences:

Tell me will you hold me

Weary 1

When lost will you find me?

When wrong, will you scold me

3-Complete the words:

But they told me

A man should be fful

And walk when not able

And ft till the end

But I�m only human

Everyone�s taking cl of me

Seems that the world�s

Got a re for me

I�m so confused

Will you w to me

You�ll be there for me

And care eh to bear me

4-Now just listen:

(hold me)

(lay your head lowly)

(softly then so boldly)

(carry me there)

(lead me)

(love me and feed me)

(kiss me and free me)

(I will feel blessed)


(carry me boldly)

(lift me up slowly)

(carry me there)

(save mev
(heal me and bathe me)

(softly you say to me)

(I will be there)

(lift me)

(lift me up slowly)

(carry me boldly)

(show me you care)

(hold me)

(lay your head lowly)

(softly then boldly)

(carry me there)

(need me)

(love me and feed me)

(kiss me and free me)

(I will feel blessed)

5-Some sentences contain a word with a spelling mistake. Listen carefully and TICK the sentence with the misspelled word. Then correct the misspelled ones only.

In our dakest hour

In my dipest despair

Will you still care?

Will you be there?

In my trails

And my tripulations

Through our douts

And frustrations

In my voilence

In my turbulince

Through my fair

And my confessions

In my inguish and my pain

Through my joy

and my sorrow

In the promise of

another tomorrow

I�ll never let you apart

For you�re always

In my heart

6-Find in the song words or expressions that are close in meaning to the following:

A) You =��������������������������������������������������������B) Reprimand =

C) Loyal=���������������������������������������������������D) Struggle =

E) Confidently and courageously=������������������F) Cure =

7-Find in the last verse of the song words meaning the following:

�A)A state in which all hope is lost or absent:

B)Annoying or frustrating or catastrophic events:

C)The feelings ofbeing disappointed after you fail to reach your goals and hopes:

D)When experiencing violent disturbance and disorder:

E)Mental suffering or unhappiness:


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