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Cluedo Weekend

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Cluedo Weekend

During a recent Cluedo weekend, four games were played.

In one game Miss Scarlet used the spanner, but not in the library.
In another game the rope was used in the study, but not by Colonel Mustard.
During one game the gun was used in the conservatory, whilst in another game Professor Plum was not to be found in the library.
Colonel Mustard was never in the conservatory and Mrs White never used the rope.
The lead piping may or may not have been used in the kitchen.
Can you determine who used what and where?

STEP ONE: Fill in the grid with YES or NO.��


lead piping







Colonel Mustard

Professor Plum

STEP TWO: Sum up the grid.

Miss Scarlet used the in the .

Colonel Mustard used the �in the .

Professor Plum used the �in the .

Mrs White used the �in the .

Note: This logic puzzle was created by Kevin Stone.
� Kevin Stone [www.brainbashers.com]