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Sights of London

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Sights of London

Watch film about places of London and do the tasks

1) Choose the correct answer:
1. What is the 'Tube'?

2. What is an 'Oyster Card'?
3. Where is the National Portrait Gallery situated?
4. Where is the British museum situated?
5. What are you free to do every Sunday Morning in Speakers Corner?
6. Where is St. James Park located?
7. What kind of shops are mostly situated in Carnaby Street?
8. Where can one buy half price theatre tickets?
2) Write the correct word, expression or number.
1. The population of London is †million people.
2. London covers an area of †miles.
3. Most museums and †are free.
4. National Gallery is situated on .
5. There are many lakes, ponds and†in Hyde Park.
6. Regent and †streets are known for their shops.
7. The most famous and the biggest shop is .
3. Do you know this places in London? Choose the correct title to each photo.
††††††††† BuckinghamPalace_012
Westminster Abbey††††††††† Tower of London
Hyde Park††††††††† Tower Bridge