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Healthy food

Downloadable worksheets:
"Teen Diet isn´t all junk Food!" - Reading comprehension + Writing activities
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 4251

"Are you a healthy eater?" - QUIZ for Intermediate and Advanced students
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 1442

To Eat Or Not To Eat... Fast Food
Level: intermediate
Age: 14-17
Downloads: 1098

Writing Series (13) - My Favourite Food - for Upper elementary or Intermediate students
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 1002

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day - Reading comprehension + Writing for Upper Intermediate students
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-17
Downloads: 966


My healthy habits

 Word search

  Look at the pictures and look for the right words

Fill in the blanks
1. Sally eats        
2. Mike     coke      
3. Susan eats   
Multiple choice
Choose the right word for each sentence
1. Sally has  after eight o'clock.


1.           2.
3.     4.
5.       6.
2. Ben eats  every day.