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FOOTBALL Lionel Messi´s PROFILE By VanesaA

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 Lionel  Messi´s profile


Full name: Luis Lionel Andrés Messi                     Height: 169 cm     
Birthday: June 24, 1987                                         Weight: 67 kg
Birthplace: Rosario, Argentina                              Club: FC Barcelona
Nationality: Argentinian                                        Position: Forward
Other nationality: Spanish                                     Debut: 17 November, 2003

    Lionel Andrés Messi  (be PAST SIMPLE)born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario. He (be PRESENT SIMPLE) an Argentine football player. 
 (start PAST SIMPLE) playing football at a very early age in his hometown's Newell's Old Boys. From the age of 11, he  (suffer PAST SIMPLE) from a hormone deficiency. Lionel's parents  (be PAST SIMPLE) unable to pay for the treatment in Argentina so they  (decide PAST SIMPLE) to move to Barcelona, Spain.
     In the 2003-2004 season, when he  (be PAST SIMPLE) still only 16, Messi  (make PAST SIMPLE) his first team debut in a friendly with Porto.  On May 1, 2005, he  (become PAST SIMPLE) the youngest player ever to score a league goal for FC Barcelona - against Albacete when Messi  (be PAST SIMPLE) only 17 years. In December 2008, Lionel Messi became the second best football player in the world and this in 2009, he  (be PRESENT SIMPLE)one of the favourites to win the Golden Ball award.
When was Messi born?  
Where was he born?   
What does he do?
Did he start to play in his hometown's Newell's Old Boys?
Were his parents able to pay for a treatment in Argentina?
Did Messi and his family move to Spain?
How old was Lionel when he made his first team debut in a friendly with Porto?
Is he one of the favourites to win the Golden Ball award?
What is his full name?                                                 a Luis Lionel Andrés Messi
What is his position?                                                    b 169 cm
Where was he born?                                                    c June 24, 1987 
What is his other nationality?                                      d Rosario, Argentina
How much does he weight?                                         e FC Barcelona
How tall is he?                                                              f Forward
What is his nationality?                                                g Argentinian
When was his debut?                                                    h 17 November, 2003 
When is his brithday?                                                   i Spanish
What is his club?                                                          j 67 kg
 Find 17 words from the text


                                                                                                    By VanesaA