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Linking words and phrases

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Complete the sentences with the correct option
1- The match was cancelled  bad weather.
2-  the position you applied for  has now been filled, we shall keep your details for future reference.
3- Not only does working from home increase productivity but it  cuts the cost of overheads.
4- I shall be in the office  5 o`clock, but after that I`ll be at home.
5- The prosecution tried to prove their case  the defendant was acquitted through lack of evidence.
6- Despite numerous reminders from our department, the bill outstanding has  not been paid.
7-  of fire, break glass to sound the alarm.
8-  his latest novel not only published but also a success, Mathew was feeling pretty pleased with himself.
9-  you submit your dissertation before the deadline, it will be accepted.
10- It may seem as if Sean is telling the truth but  he is only bluffing.
11- It is probably true to say that,  mankind had progressed gradually over thousands of years, the 20th century was a time of momentous and unprecedented technological change.
12- The bus had already left,  Pamela had to walk to work.
13- There`s no business  showbusiness.
14- It was only  he had signed the contract that he changed his mind.
15- Nobody has seen Deborah  last night.