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What did Prio look like?

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What did Prio look like?
����������������As a�mid thirty years old secondary school teacher in�Nonthaburi, Thailand,�almost all�of my�teenage students�always�how I� like�many years ago. In the first picture,�I� in Prathomsuksa 6 or the 6th Grade� at Wat Bangkhanoon School. I ��short black hair with a bang.
�������������� In the next picture, I was in Mathayomsuksa 2 or the 8th Grade at Rajini School.�My look�did not change much only that I �not have a bang anymore. I �well being a borading school student staying in a school dormitory�every day. And my�Dad always�picked me up on Friday, at 3.40 p.m. sharp. I �not wait to get back home with him. Friday was always the happiest day of the whole week.���������
�������������� In the last picture, I was a senior student in the faculty of education, Chulalongkorn University. As you can see from the picture, I still looked pretty much the same. The only difference was that my hair�long.
������������� In conclusion, I��that my appearance has always be the same. I don't notice any major change. However, there has alway been some changes inside. I realize that I grow up as a person. Every day, not only�I��but I�learn. That is life is all about: living and learning. The way you look , outside�, doesn't matter much . What does matters? The way you really feel. It is inside. True happiness� from loving and respecting yourself.