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Word order in questions (simple present)

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Thumbs Up      A) With the verb BE  we invert the SUBJECT and the VERB:  
  SUBJECT      VERB                                                        VERB          SUBJECT
   They               are            at home.       --------->             Are                they              at home?
Thumbs Up       B)  With modal verbs (can, will, might, etc), we also invert the SUBJECT and the VERB in question.
  SUBJECT      VERB                                                        VERB           SUBJECT
    She              can         ride a horse.     --------->             Can                  she              ride a horse?
Thumbs Up         C) Other verbs:
1) With other verbs, we put the auxiliary verb DO or DOESbefore the subject.
They play tennis. --------->     Do they play tennis?
John lives in Rome. ---------> Does John live in Rome?           (when we use does the verb is in the infinitive form!)
2) The QUESTION WORD comes before the auxiliary verb.
Where do you live?

 Exercise 1:                                                                                           Exercise 2:

 Put the words into the correct order to make questions.                    Match the questions and answers. Put the correct number into each box.
1) often / see / Maria / you / do / how / ?                                                 
                                                             The blue one.
 2) is / coat / your / which / ?                                                                   

                                                                          That's our cat, Lilly.                                  

 3) in / they / kitchen / are / the / ?                                                                   
                                                                   Because my eyes hurt.                                                           
  4) Jamie / live / school / the / near / does / ?                                          
                                                       I see her at weekends.                                                                     
5) you / always / why / sunglasses / do / wear / ?                                  
                                                   Yes, he does. He lives just a few blocks away.
 6) the / what / under / is / table / that / ?                                              
                                                          It's £5.50.
7) cost / how / it / much / does / ?      
                                                               We usually visit realtives.
8) Christmas / at / go / where / you / do / usually / ?                            
                                          No, they aren't. They're in the dining room.