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The assignment

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The assignment

If you can't watch this video click on this link:
Listen and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in the present simple tense:
This class  Social Studies. That  you and the world. Yes, there  a world out there and even if you  you  to meet it; it's still going to hit you right in the face. Believe me. So ... Best you   thinking about the world now and what it  to you. What  the world  to you?
Come on!! A little class participation here. Is it just this class you  to get out of ... your house ... your street. Any further any of you want to go than that? Yes?
Answer the questions:
Where does the girl want to go?
What's the name of the boy?
What does the world expect from him?
What do the kids need to go to the bathroom?
What grade are the kids in?
Why do the kids clap?  Because one day they will be
What is the assignment? To think of one idea to  the world and put it
Is the teacher going to flunk them if they don't change the world?
What does the teacher do to change the world? He  a good night sleep,  breakfast,  up on time and then he  the buck to them.
Tick the words you hear that describe the assignment:
 real  weird  amazing crazy  fast   hard   easy    possible    impossible
Choose the correct meaning to the following phrase:
Pass the buck: Give  a dollar to somebody else.
                           Pass responsibility on to someone else.
What would you do to change the world?
 What's your opinion?