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Modal Verbs and Expressions

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Modal Verbs and Expressions
1. Match�each sentence (a-e) to its correct category:
a) You must be quiet.
b) Smoking is allowed here.
c) Monique can't be a model, she's too fat.
d) You can't park here.
e) Patrons don't have to wear a tie in the dining area.
2. Match the sentences from exercise 1 to the correct picture. Write the letter in the box.
3. Complete the text with the following:
have to - ought - must - can't - allowed to - shouldn't
Matthew is a doctor. He works at Brighton's General Hospital.�Every day, Matthew� wake up at 6 o'clock to go to work. He lives 45 miles from the hospital, but he doesn't have a car, so he takes the train and then a bus everyday. All his friends think he� to buy a car, but he tells them he� afford it. All doctors are� park at the hospital and it's free of charge for them, which means they don't� pay. Matthew believes people� buy a car unless it's absolutely necessary, and travel by public transport, because cars pollute the air and cause many diseases.
4. Rewrite the sentences using the word in bold given (you can't�modify the word in any way).
Example: Prisoners can't have the lights on after 9 pm. allowed
��������������� Prisoners aren't allowed to have the lights on after 9 pm.
1) Elysa�may be in Egypt now. perhaps
2) Chefs should wash their hands at all times to avoid food poisoning. supposed
3) I must finish the composition today. to
4) She definitely isn't Barbara, her hair's longer. can't
5) You can't smoke here. mustn't