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 Choose the correct option.
1. The  has a long neck.
2. The African  is the largest land animal.
3. The  is an intelligent and talkative bird.
4. The  is a meat-eating mammal with a bushy tail.
5. The  is a large mammal that likes to stay in the water.
6. The  is a bird of prey,
7. The  is a spotted cat from Central and South America.
8. The  is a large mammal that lives in deserts and other dry areas.
9. The  is the fastest land animal.
10. The  is a great ape from Africa.
Fill in the blanks.
1. The  is a large, thick-skinned mammal. It has a horn on its nose.
2. The  lives on ice-packs in Antarctica.
3. The  is a black and white bear from China.
4. The  is a rainforest bird with a large and colourful beak.
5. The  has a thick mane. It is considered the "king of the jungle".
6. The  has black and white stripes.
7, The  is the largest mammal. It lives in the oceans.
8. The  has colourful wings. Its name is a compound word.
9. The  jumps to catch flies.
10. The  spins a silky web.
Complete the crossword puzzle.
1 2 3 4
1 0


1.   5.  7.
8.  9.  10.
1.   2.   3.
4.   5.  6.