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Modals and active and passive voice sentences

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Fill in the gaps with the suitable word(s), more than one option can be correct:
1. Andrea is five months pregnant. She _________ to quit smoking.

            a) should

            b) may

            c) ought

            d) can't

2. Kyle and Peter _________ be studying hard, because the finals are just around the corner. 

            a) must 

            b) ought

            c) should

            d) have

3. You __________ do that. It's very dangerous.
            a) shouldn't
            b) don't have
            c) ought not
            d) are supposed
4. Men and women in this company aren't __________ to wear jeans. They __________ wear a suit.
            a) supposed/should
            b) allowed/have
            c) mustn't/should
            d) allowed/must
5. ___________ you pass me the salt, please?
            a) Can
            b) Could
            c) Must
            d) Perhaps
Put the sentences in order:
1. never / to Turkey / has / Joseph / been 
2. this time / be / they / going / tomorrow / will / to a party
3. regularly / the toilets / cleaned / are
4. working / Robert / have / in the school / for five years now / been / must
5. last night / robbed / three banks / were
Are the following sentences in the active or the passive form? Rewrite them in the opposite form, when the subject isn't clear use someone/something.
Example: The burglar was arrested     Passive
                Someone arrested the burglar
1. Gordon's been sent to prison.   
2. Mike's opened a new shop in London.   
3. Rosie and Greta are eating melon by the beach.   
4. I was recommended a doctor by my brother.   
5. They wanted more children.