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Paranoid - Jonas Brothers

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Choose the correct words and write them in the blanks:
I �the most of all this stress
I� to live without regrets
But I'm about to� a sweat
I'm� out

It's like a� in my brain
It's like a� that blurs the sane
It's like a� you can't untangle
I'm freaking out
Choose the correct option
Every� I turn around
Something don't� right

Just might be paranoid
I'm avoiding the� because they just might split
Can someone� the noise?
I don't know what it is� I just don't fit
Find the missing verbs in the wordsearch and write them

Consider me �( past of destroy)
I don't how to act 'cause I�� ( past of lose)my head
I must be paranoid
I never��( past of think)�it would come to this
I'm paranoid, yeah

I� the necessary steps
To� some air into my chest
Can't hear the thoughts inside my head
I'm still freaking out

That's why my ex is still my ex
I never� a word she says
I'm� all the background checks
And she's freaking out

Stuck in a room of staring faces, yeah
�( past of catch)in a nightmare, can't wake up
If you� my cry running through the streets
I'm about to freak, come on� me

Let's sing the song!!!
� By Pacchy