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Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs
A-Choose the suitable modal verb.
1-I have no time. I �leave now or I �miss the bus.
2-I wish I �buy a new mobile phone but I don't have enough money.
3-She looks tired; she �take some days off.
4-Judy is not at home. She�have gone to Madrid, I don't know.
5-Tom �play tennis quite well. I usually play with him every weekend.
6-�we go out tonight, please? Yes, but you �be late.
7-I haven't decided yet where I� go in my�next holidays. I think I �go to Paris.
8-�you water my plants while I am away? If they don't get enough water they�certainly die.
B-Insert�a suitable modal verb.
1-Jack �come to our wedding, but we aren't sure.
2-�I buy the tickets for the concert? I �see you're too busy.
3-We �pay the fees at the fixed time.
4-You �clean your room more often.
5-If it rains on Saturday, we �go to the beach.
6-�you speak German? No, I .
7-Jane �not play the violin when she was five, but now she �play it very well.
8-You �not be so nervous. I think it �be very easy.