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Talking About The Past. Ancient Egypt. (Author-Bouabdellah) 24-07-2009

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Lyc�e Si-Tarek of Relizane.

Third Year Pupils - Literature & Foreign Language

Unit 01:Talking About the Past

Ancient Egypt
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PART ONE�: Reading comprehension.

Read and listen carefully to the following text then do the activitiesbelow.

(put the mouse on the right then click once to go forward or on the left and click once to go backwards)
A � Text Exploration:
I-Find in the text word close in meaning to the following.
1-Very interesting����1=
2-Educated������������� �2=
3-Affairs����������������� �2=
4-Honest����������������� �3=
5-Corrected������������ �4=
II-Find in the text word opposite in meaning to the following.
2-young�������������������� �2=/=
3-Dark���������������������� �4=/=
4-Up������������������������� �4=/=
5-Found�������������������� �4=/=

B-Text interpretation:

I-Answer the following questions according to the text.
1-What did the ancient Egyptians prefer death or life?
��� Thumbs Up�They�than .
2-Who or what gives us a wrong image about the ancient Egyptians?
��� Thumbs Up�the ancient Egyptians.
3-What, besides work, was the most important thing for the ancient Egyptians?
��� Thumbs Up.
4-What did �Ma'at� represent�in the ancient Egyptians' beliefs?
��� Thumbs Up.
5-What is the only way to have a light heart according to the ancient Egyptians' beliefs?
��� Thumbs Up to .
C-Mastery of Language:

I-Fill in the blank with an appropriate article (a, an, the) when necessary.

The people of �ancient Egypt highly valued family life. They treasured children and regarded them as great blessing. In lower class families, the mother raised children. wealthy and nobility, had slaves and servants that helped take �care of children by attending to their daily needs. If couple had no children, they would pray to gods and goddesses for help. They would also place letters at the tombs of dead relatives asking them to use their influence with gods. Magic was also used as attempt to have children. In event that couple still could not conceive child, adoption was also option.

II-Ask questions for which the underlined words/phrases in the text are the answers.

1-A- You could reach your afterlife only if your heart was light.

1-B - Unless�.

2-A -Your heart would be light only if you had spent a lifetime being kind and honest.

2-B - Unless�.

3-A � If a couple could not have a child, they adopted one.

3-B - Unless a .

III-Tick the�correct pronunciation of the final �s� or �es� for each of the words in the table below.











PART TWO: Writing.

Write a composition on the following situation.

Have a look�at the presentation below,�and write a composition of about 180 words to summerize the information it contains. Remember to use a good paragraph structure with a topic sentence, supporting sentences, transitions and a conclusion.

Many thanks to http://www.pppst.com�for the valuable presentation.
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