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Relative Pronouns and Adverbs

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A) Complete the sentences with WHO or WHICH

1) Who's te young lady is standing out there?

2) An atlas is a bookis full of different maps.
3) The teenagers are queuing want tickets for next's week concert.
4) What was the name of the man discovered Machu Pichu?
5) A compass is a device shows direction.
6) Shakespeare was a British writerwrote Romeo and Juliet.
7) Penguins are birds cannot fly.
8) Lady Di was the Welsh princess died in a terrible car accident.
9) Henri Becquerel was the scientist discovered X-rays.

B) Complete using WHO, WHICH, THAT,WHOSE or WHERE.

1) A kangaroo is an animal lives in Australia.

2) In 1998 I travelled to Paris, I met my husband.
3) Marie Curie, was born in Poland in 1867, was a scientist.
4) Karen, surname is Johnson, is a beautiful model.
5) Van Gogh was a painter paintings are worldwide.
6) A camel is an animal lives in the desert.
7) Radium is a metal shines in the dark.
8) That is the girlbrother is a famous footballer.
9) He lived in New York, he worked for the New York Times.
10) The Coliseum was an amphitheatre Romans enjoyed plays, chariot races and gladiator fights many centuries ago.