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PASSIVE VOICE Review 05 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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�Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
Third Year Students
� Technological Streams 2003/2004
� Structure Practice: The Passive Voice

QuestionExercise FOUR:Match each sentence with the appropriate oppsite picture "a" or "b"
���������������������������������������� Write the corresponding letter the box provided.
1-He has stopped.
2-He has been stopped.
3-The party has ended.
4-The party has been ended.

5-The car is moving.
6-The car is being moved.
7-Don't worry it is going to change.
8-Don't worry it is going to be changed.

QuestionExercise FIVE:Match each sentence�beginning with the correct ending�"a" or "b".
�������������������������������������Write "a" or "b" in the box provided.
1 I gave
2 I was given
3 This tiger killed
4 This tiger was killed
5 Pam has her own car because
6 Pam has her own chauffeur because
7 Tom has a music teacher now;
8 Tom has a music student now;
9 At the reunion
10 When he died,
a)-everybody my address.
b)-everybody's address.
a)-by two hunters
b)-two hunters.
a)-she likes being driven.
b)-she likes driving.
a)-he's being taught the piano.
b)-he's teaching the piano.
a)-he remembered all his old friends.
b)-he was remembered by all his old friends.