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Simple Past Practice

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Watch the video carefully!!!
Now write the correct past forms of the verbs:
1. Yesterday I  (REMAIN) in the house. I   (COOK) dinner and  (DO) some housework.
2. I  (REST),  (READ) books,  (WATCH) television and  (GO) to sleep.
3. I  (BE) at school most of the day. I  (STUDY). I  (GO) to the gym and  (WORK) out,  (WORK) in my computer,   (WATCH) a little TV.
4. I  (GO) to work in the morning and I  (GO) to school in the afternoon.
5. I  (teach) yesterday. I teach at school two days a week.
6. This morning I  (GET) up at eight and  (WATCH)  news.
7. We  (walk) around the city.
8. Yesterday I  (ATTEND) a speech at Columbia University.
9.  I  (GO) to my shrink.
10. I  (BE) pretty good at school.
What did they do yesterday?
Look at the pictures and write the number according to the sentence:
1. He smoked a pipe.
2. He took some photographs.
3. He dreamt about fish.
4. He visited his girlfriend.
5. He made a baseball bat.
6. He cut the grass.
7. He painted a beautiful picture.
8. He sang a song.
9. He drove a car.
10. He ate an icecream.
11. He rode a bicycle.
12. He had a bubble bath.
Now find the infinitive forms of the previous verbs in the wordsearch: ( 12 verbs ) 


Hope you like it!!!
    by Pacchy