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                                (BEGINNER - PROFICIENCY)
30 minutes



1. Jose is Argentina.
2.   is your favourite music?
3. Susan like spaghetti?
4. How old  your brother?
5. His   name is Sam.
6. Lucy doesn't like .
7.   go to that restaurant. It's very expensive.
8. Does Tomy work in a bank? No, he  .
9. Sarah two children.
10. Where  Mike live?
11. Maggie can Chinese.
12.  often do you go to the cinema?
13. Are   any plates on the table?
14. What colour   her hair?
15. There are   pictures in that gallery.
16. There is a pub the post office.
17. We went to the theatre   last Saturday.
18. The film starts   six.
19. Is Paris   than London?
20. I   wash the dishes every day.
21. This is   restaurant in town.
22. We   Manchester next week.
23. Whose is this book? It's  .
24. Emma is worried   the exam.
25. did you finish reading?
26. She   I was wrong.
27. Peter hasn't finished   .
28. I saw an accident when I    down the street.
29.   stayed in a hospital?
30. What food     on Christmas Day in England?
31. How   pocket money does Steve get a week?
32. They   visited London in 1999.
33. We've celebrated Independence Day  15 years.
34. At the end of the course, I   speak English fluently.
35. I've got some phone calls to  .
36. Liz is  in photography.
37. In Brighton there is    pollution than in Manchester.
38. We usually have lunch at 1 o'clock,  some people have lunch later.
39. Could you tell me  ?
40. Will you go to that concert if it  ?
41. Some people go to shops   the prices are really high.
42. What would you do if you   one million dollars?
43. The cinema is     the restaurant and the newsagent's.
44. You didn't learn Russian at school,   ?
45. We've never    to Australia.
46. That coffee tastes   .
47. When she was younger, she  have more friends than anyone else.
48. Doing  regular exercises will   you  fit.
49. The police arrested the man who   a bank.
50. People say I read  .
51. Before I went to school, I   paint very well.
52. I'm so tired. I   in the forest all morning.
53. It  me an hour to get to work  today.
54. Look at those people! I think we .
55. I think we will  the car serviced this week.
56. They   forgotten  about our wedding.
57. My girlfriend is a fantastic dancer. I wish I   my dancing lessons.
58. We get   well with our new teacher.
59. Before we start, we should introduce    to   the audience.
60. The beach,   situated close to the town, is used by surfers.
61. Her family was very  .
62. I saw Jane   the supermarket.
63. Jim said he  the project two days before.
64. Carl has been  about his past.
65. He looks terrified! He   a ghost or something.
66.  does he look like?
67. Could you   me a favour, please?
68. The police officer  me to move along.
69. She did   in the test.
70. I'm going into the centre. Catch  me there.
71. The club was so small that they   to let any more people in.
72. This was the basis on   the movement was formed.
73. You should take an umbrella   it rains.
74. This painting is believed   painted by Leonardo Da Vinci.
75. Tom would rather you   it.
76. British policemen don't carry guns   duty.
77. If you   me, I would never have known.
78. I suggested that Robbie   again.
79. Jack decided to  for the competition because he knew he was going to win.
80. What's  the cinema?
81. I picked up the wrong suitcase  mistake.
82. We walked quietly  fear of being discovered.
83. One  three children doesn't read books at all.
84. She was given the award in   of  her academic achievements.
85. The miners are out    strike  again.
86. Water was   slowly from the pipe.
87. I'd prefer beer    wine.
88. I was   work late hours.
89. The new employee was   a failure.
90. Thanks for your help. I wouldn't have finished it .
91.   your help, we would have been in trouble.
92.  we went to Italy instead.
93. You    better finish it by tomorrow.
94.  had a moment passed before we heard the explosion.
95. They can't even paly,  write their own songs.
96. I don't think Harry has spent more than a month in Spain.   he has acquired some basics of the language.
97. I'll meet you   arrival.
98. After the incident with the press, the actor   disrepute.
99. Although there is a dress code, it isn't   by many students these days.
100. Some of the delegates made an extremely useful    to the discussion.