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Relative Clauses worksheet preview
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Relative clauses worksheet preview
Relative clauses

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Complete the following with any of the following relative pronouns: who, which, where, when, whose; when the relative pronoun can be ommitted write “-“.



                Dynosaurs were a species of animals which went extinct many years ago.

                The girl I like lives next door.


1. The school I study is very modern.

2. Do you know what time it was Julia came back?

3. The businessmen will buy the company director is Bill Gates.

4. That woman is wearing the orange dress is my fianceé.

5. He is the guy   I met last night.

6. Tomorrow I’m going to throw away the computer I bought three years ago.

7. Pamela arrived Clare was leaving.

8. Miranda and Paul, work together, get married next week.

9. Two kangaroos have been sent to the zoo in Barcelona, have become sick.

10. How old were you Marlon Brando died?



You are going to read a text from an old number of People’s magazine, put the text in order, and decide whether the sentences below are true of false.











True    False

                1. Seann Scott was a famous actor before he acted in the first American Pie.

                2. His father died recently.

                3. He claims to be shy.

                4. Scott has had many girlfriends

                5. He has six older brothers/sisters.