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I love my room - there is - there are worksheet preview
I love my room - there is - there are

have got-has got worksheet preview
have got-has got

At the playground worksheet preview
At the playground

have got (order sentences 01) worksheet preview
have got (order sentences 01)

My toys worksheet preview
My toys

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 -  Watch the video and listen to the song.
 - These toys are in the toy box. Unscramble the letters and type their names.
         raC                   tuGiar         eTydd aerb            loDl           igJwas uzzPle   
umoCptre  mega    Riawlay rtakcs         arTin                aarCrige             oaCryn 
            aiPnt              Pne                oboRt            coRkte pihs     ugB rfom ouetrsapce  
 - Do you know the name of these toys? Choose the correct option.
  - Find the names of these games in the Wordsearch. Choose the correct number under each picture.

 Find these words:

1. bingo
2. cards
3. checkers
4. chess
5. dominoes
6. hopscotch
7.memory game
8. tic tac toe