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Passive voice

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1-Choose the correct answer
1- English   in Australia.
2- I  French for three years at  school.
3- We  too much money on holiday.
4- This window  by your little boy.
5- Her clothes  in Paris.
6- This book  by my brother.
7- The new university  by the Prime Minister.
8 Ann  much too ast, and she  by the police.
2- Complete the sentences with am/are/is
1- A lot of paper  made rom wood.
2- What  this called in English?
3- I  paid on the first o every month.
4- Jane  often sent to the Singapore office.
5-  any classes taught on Wednesday?
6- More chocolate eaten in the US than in any other country.
7- Not very much  known about Shakespeare´s childhood.
8- We  woken by the birds every morning.
9-  you seen by the same doctor every week?
3- Complete with simple present passive verbs into these sentences.
1- A lot of olive  in Greek cooking. (use).
2- Arabic  from right to let. (write).
3- Mails  by million of people every week. (send).
4- The police say that nothing  about the child´s family.(know)
5- In English, ´ough´ in a lot of different ways. (pronounce).
6- Spanish  in Peru. (speak).
7 Those programmes  by million of British. (watch)
8- Cricket  by two teams o elven players. (play)
9- Our windows  once a month. (clean).
4- Look at the picture and choose the correct sentence.
1- The drawings are made by the architec.
     The drawings make the architec.
2- The ice-cream eats the children.
     The ice-cream is eaten by the children.
3- The motorbike rides the boys.
     The motorbike is riden by the boys.
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