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Test your Synonymic and Antonymic Power

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Test Your Synonymic Power

Fill in the blanks with a synonym of the word given in brackets
1. When I did my IGCSEs, I was particularly  (careful) not to rush.
2. My uncle is a very  (industrious) person.
3. I didn't like to spend time out of doors because of the   (very hot) temperature.
4. I have bought a new  (dictionary) to search for the most recently coined words.
5. The building was  (destroyed) by the armed forces.

Test Your Antonymic Power

Fill in the blanks with an antonym of the word given in brackets.
1. My father  (liked) the way I made the picture.
2. After a long discussion they  (accepted) our offer.
3. After the  (descent) we were extremely exhausted.
4. My friend told me that his English lessons were  (tedious).
5. I don't really believe that the worksheets are  (crucial.)