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Synonyms - Word Choice 3

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Synonyms - Word Choice 3

1.  Jenny is  of big dogs.
2.  The students had to write a  for their history class.
3.  The robber  before the police arrived.
4.  I get very sentimental  time I hear an Elvis song.
5.  There was a  in our school's auditorium last night.
6.  The  of this building is very strong.
7.  The girl  the bug under the microscope.
8.  Rubbing alcohol causes a cool tingling  when you sweep it over your skin.
9.  I have a picture of every Beatle  for Ringo Starr.
10. There are many logging  in the Pacific Northwest.
11. Chad  the 100-piece puzzle after only four days.
12. Pink and orange don't  Jannie because she has a dark complexion.
13. The shirt comes in every size  large.
14. The children  cartoons on TV.
15. Before you  class, please make sure you have all of your belongs.
16. Dick found a spelling  on the exam.
17. Do you wnat to go  and play?
18. Pam needs to  before she takes the big test.
19. My mom likes to  nonfiction books.
20. Are the books  the table?
21. Becky  at the joke.
22. There is a tall  between the horses' stable and the pigs' pen.
23. Cencilia went to the annual  on AIDS research.
24. Tess has a  bug on her shirt.
25. Mom won't  us play video games until we finish our homework.
26. Tim helped his mother  the heavy shopping bags into the car.