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Synonyms - Word Choice 3

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Synonyms - Word Choice 3

1.� Jenny is �of big dogs.
2.� The students had to write a �for their history class.
3.� The robber �before the police arrived.
4.� I get very sentimental �time I hear an Elvis song.
5.� There was a �in our school's auditorium last night.
6.� The �of this building is very strong.
7.� The girl �the bug under the microscope.
8.� Rubbing alcohol causes a cool tingling �when you sweep it over your skin.
9.� I have a picture of every Beatle �for Ringo Starr.
10. There are many logging �in the Pacific Northwest.
11. Chad �the 100-piece puzzle after only four days.
12. Pink and orange don't �Jannie because she has a dark complexion.
13. The shirt comes in every size �large.
14. The children �cartoons on TV.
15. Before you �class, please make sure you have all of your belongs.
16. Dick found a spelling �on the exam.
17. Do you wnat to go �and play?
18. Pam needs to �before she takes the big test.
19. My mom likes to �nonfiction books.
20. Are the books �the table?
21. Becky �at the joke.
22. There is a tall �between the horses' stable and the pigs' pen.
23. Cencilia went to the annual �on AIDS research.
24. Tess has a �bug on her shirt.
25. Mom won't �us play video games until we finish our homework.
26. Tim helped his mother �the heavy shopping bags into the car.