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Present Simple

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Let's practice!
1. Write the correct short answer:
a. Does Alberto study on Mondays?
b. Do Hugo and his brother work in a factory?
c. Does Gabriela's friend have a beautiful house?
d. Does David's brother live in New York?
e. Is Mr. Soares tall?
f. Are you an eletrician?
g. Is your sister a great student?
h. Do Talita and her brother like soccer?
i. Are they teachers?
j. Is there a bank near here?
k. Are your classmates good students?
l. Does Carol want a new pair of shoes?
2.� Choose the right answer for each question:
a. Bob: Do you like these gray shoes?
��� Ann:
b. Alice: How old are your parents?
c. Jimmy: What's your last name?
��� Mary:
d. Liz: Are you tall or short?
�� Rick:
e. Mr. Maurer: How can I get to the bus station?
��� Policeman:
3. Unscramble the sentences:
a. Do / have / jacket / black / a / you / ?
b. she / Does / those / shoes / beautiful / like / ?
c. friends / don't / My / live / from / across / office building / the / .
d. there / Is / supermarket / a / nearby / ?
e. does / Where / mother / your / work / ?
4. Choose the correct question words - Where / When / What / How / Who / Which.
a. �is your favorite color? It's white.
b. �is your mother's birthday? It's on July 4th.
c.��does your sister study? She studies at the school near my house.
d.��old are you? I am 20, and you?
e. �is your father? He is that man across from the street.
f. �is Madonna? She is a famous singer.
g. �is your favorite color: black or white?
h. �does Mary want? She wants a new blouse.
i. �is it going? I'm great, and you?
j. �is the post office, please? It's around the corner.
k. �do you and your parents live? We live near the park.