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Present Simple

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Let's practice!
1. Write the correct short answer:
a. Does Alberto study on Mondays?
b. Do Hugo and his brother work in a factory?
c. Does Gabriela's friend have a beautiful house?
d. Does David's brother live in New York?
e. Is Mr. Soares tall?
f. Are you an eletrician?
g. Is your sister a great student?
h. Do Talita and her brother like soccer?
i. Are they teachers?
j. Is there a bank near here?
k. Are your classmates good students?
l. Does Carol want a new pair of shoes?
2.  Choose the right answer for each question:
a. Bob: Do you like these gray shoes?
b. Alice: How old are your parents?
c. Jimmy: What's your last name?
d. Liz: Are you tall or short?
e. Mr. Maurer: How can I get to the bus station?
3. Unscramble the sentences:
a. Do / have / jacket / black / a / you / ?
b. she / Does / those / shoes / beautiful / like / ?
c. friends / don't / My / live / from / across / office building / the / .
d. there / Is / supermarket / a / nearby / ?
e. does / Where / mother / your / work / ?
4. Choose the correct question words - Where / When / What / How / Who / Which.
a.  is your favorite color? It's white.
b.  is your mother's birthday? It's on July 4th.
c.  does your sister study? She studies at the school near my house.
d.  old are you? I am 20, and you?
e.  is your father? He is that man across from the street.
f.  is Madonna? She is a famous singer.
g.  is your favorite color: black or white?
h.  does Mary want? She wants a new blouse.
i.  is it going? I'm great, and you?
j.  is the post office, please? It's around the corner.
k.  do you and your parents live? We live near the park.