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Coconut Cloze and Listening activity

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��������� A cluster of coconut trees or palms is a common 1-(place/sight/scene) on the shores of many warm seas. The seeds of these palms are 2-(called/named/thought of) coconuts. Coconuts are 3- (between/among/around) the biggest seeds in the world.

����������� A coconut has a 4-(wide/strength/thick) husk around it when it comes from the tree. Fibers from this husk can be used in 5-(making/doing/using) coarse cloth and rope. They can also be used in weaving 6-(so/such/such as) things as hats, baskets and mats.

����������� The seed inside the husk is much 7-(more/less/very) important though, because it has thick walls of white �meat�. The coconut which we eat in candy, cakes and pies is made by cutting this flavourful meat into 8- (tiny/huge/enormous) pieces or shreds, a process called�shredding�. The coconut meat 9- (gives/contains/retains) a lot of oil and this oil is highly 10-(prized/priced/prised) in not only cosmetics like hand creams, lotions and soap, but also in food such as a margarine or cooking oil.

The center of the coconut is also 11-(filled/contains/full) with a clear or milky coloured liquid called coconut milk or coconut water. It�s good to drink fresh from the coconut. Many 12-(plates/dishes/menus) throughout the world use this �milk� in their elaboration

It is not easy to 13-(pick up/take on/gather) coconuts from coconut palms since they can be as tall as a ten storey 14-(building/skyscaper/apartment) and there are

no branches to 15-(catch/take/give) a hold of. But 16-(even if/even though/despite) they did not bear coconuts, these amazing trees would be 17- (worthless/worthful/worth) having around. Their huge leaves can be used in making thatched roofs for homes 18- (when/while/but) their�trunks can be used in building. In fact, every 19 -(part/section/top) of�the coconut palm has some value or usage.

True or False.

1.��� The coconut palm is found near islands.

2.��� The coconut is considered a seed.

3.��� Coconuts have a fragile shell.

4.��� The leaves can be used to make cloth as well as baskets.

5.��� The �meat� of the coconut isn�t edible.

6.��� The coconut contains a lot of oil.

7.��� Many food products are made from the coconut.

8.��� Coconut water has to be boiled before drinking.

9.��� It�s simple to get coconuts from a coconut tree.

10.��������������������� The whole tree is useful and can be used for many things.

Now listen to the video on Coconut Oil

� 1. What type of coconut oil is now popular?

2.�What type of heat is used to process the oil? High, �Medium, �Low�
3. Does coconut oil have many bad properties?
4. Can it help with infections?
5. Does it give the body slow burning energy?
6. Is coconut oil processed by the liver? yes� no