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Synonyms -Word Choice 4

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Synonyms - Word Choice 4

1.� There is no �for your rude behavior.
2.� Ruth has a �in computer software design.
3.� The professor �his voice in the large auditorium after some�students
���� complained they couldn't hear him in the back.
4.� The prized painting is in Maury's .
5.� Marianne �her mother to let her go to the dance.
6.� My �are in my locker.
7.� Our �is to �a considerable amount of money for the charity.
8.� Do you �what time the plane is supposed to depart?
9.� Is there a �monster in Loch Ness?
10. The whole �out of the water and blew a spout full of water into the air.
11. Cassandra �an encounter with the famous film actor.
12. The little girl �for some candy.
13. There was a �in Lisa's life when she had to work two �in order to
����� make ends meet.
14. Most people do not �in aliens and UFO's.
15. The children were playing in the �this afternoon.
16. Mary never smiles. She always seems so�.�
17. The nurse offered some �on how to treat the infection.
18. Ernest�as the wind grew stronger.
19. Do you �how to use the device?
20. Sean's acting �are improving.
21. Miriam �to Casey over the phone.
22. Jessica has a �birthmark on her right arm.
23. Julia is well-mannered, �youg lady.
24. "Watch out!" he .
25. There is a �smell in the frig. I think the milk has gone bad.
26. The girls �while they were walking home from school.
27. Angle is �a purple jacket and black pants.