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  • Reading /Complete the story using the Past Simple.���������������������������������������
J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books.
J. K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen.
�She �( be) born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England.
Joanne �(live) with her parents and her sister.
The Rowling family was not rich. Joanne��(not go ) to special schools.
She was a quiet child.She (love) to read and write stories.
Joanne�( go)�to Exeter University,and she �(finish) in 1987.
She (work) in different offices. In her free time, she �(write) stories.
In 1990, Joanne's mother . Joanne� sad, and she �to leave England.
She� a job in the newspaper for an English teacher.The job was in Portugal.
She �an interview, and she� the job. In Portugal, Joanne� a Portuguese man.
The next year, Joanne had a daughter, but she� happy in her marriage.
She Portugal with her daughter and to live to Edinburgh, Scotland, near her sister.
Life was difficult for Joanne. She �(take) care of her daughter.
She� (be) alone,and nobody (help) her. She��( have)�no money and no job.
�She� �(live) in a small apartment and �(begin) to write stories again.
�Joanne first (think) about the Harry Potter story many years ago
on a train. Joanne liked to go a coffee shop to write. She �(sit) there for many hours.
She (drink) coffee and �(write). Her daughter �(sleep) beside her.
After five years, Joanne �writing the first Harry Potter book.
She �it to many publishers.
They all �that they didn't like it.
Finally,a publisher� it, but the publisher said," This is a children's book.
Adults won't read.You won't make a lot of money."�
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer'Stone was in the bookstores.
J.K.Rowling��very happy. Her dream to publish her book true.
The book was famous all over the world.
Now Harry Potter book is in forty-two languages.
The publisher was wrong about one thing: Everyone loves Harry Potter- children and adults.
Over 100 million books were sold in 1999.Then two Harry Potter books�( become)�movies.
�J.K.Rowling��(write) �three more Harry Potter books after that.
People all over the world want more Harry Potter.And what is J.K.Rowling doing now?
She is writing another book!
  • Words and Meanings/ Choose the correct word.����
  • quiet
  • author
  • adults
  • alone
  • interview
  • dreams
  • all over the world
��������� 1. �Good things happened to Joanne.All her �came true.
�������� 2. J.K.Rowling is an . She writes books.
���������3. Joanne was not a noisy child. She was �.
���������4. Joanne lived .She didn't live with another person.
�������� 5. Joanne had a meeting about a new job. She had an �.
���������6. People of all ages like Harry Potter: children and .
���������7. Harry Potter is famous in every country.
�������������It is famous �.
  • Opposites/ Find the words in the text that are opposite in meaning to:.����
1. sad
2. poor
3. large
4. together
5. hate
6. begin
7. easy
8. same
9. noisy
10. right
11. in the beginning
�������� 1.��������(paragraph 2)
�������� 2.������� (paragraph 1)
�������� 3.�� �����(paragraph 3)
�������� 4.�� �����(paragraph 3)
�������� 5.�� ���� (paragraph 4)
���������6.� ���� (paragraph 1)
�������� 7.�� �(paragraph 2)
�������� 8��� �(paragraph 1)
�������� 9.�� ����� (paragraph 1)
������� 10.�� ����� (paragraph 4)
��������11.�� �� �(paragraph 3)�
  • Synonyms/ Find the words in the text that are�synonyms in meaning to:.��
  1. flat
  2. kids�
  3. writer
  4. shop�
  5. occupation
  6. glad
  7. no one
�������� 1.��������(paragraph 3)
�������� 2.���������(paragraph 4)
�������� 3.����������� (paragraph 1)
�������� 4.������������ (paragraph 4)
���������5.�������������� (paragraph 2)
�������� 6.��������� �� (paragraph 3)
�������� 7.������������(paragraph 3)
  • Comprehension/ True or False?:.��
� 1. Joanne was an English teacher in Portugal.���������������������������������������������������
� 2. Joanne married an English man in Portugal.�
� 3. Joanne left her daughter in Portugal.���������
��4. Joanne finished writing the first Harry Potter book after five years.
� 5. Every publisher liked the book.�����������������
� 6. Harry Potter is in twenty-four languages.���
  • Comprehension/ Choose the correct question word:.��

�� 1. �did she finish the Exeter University?�� ....in 1987.

���2. �was J.K. Rowling happy?�������������������....because her dream came true.
�� 3. �is J.K. Rowling��?�������������������������� ....a famous writer���
�� 4. �did she find a job�in Portugal?����� ������ ....she read a newspaper
���5. �did she start writing her first book?��� ....in the coffee shop cafe
�� 6. �books were sold in 1999?��������������� ....over 100 million books
  • Vocabulary/ Match the country to its language. Write the letter in the box:.��

��� 1. Japan���� ���������������������������������� a. French�

����2. England������������������������������������ b. Greek�
��� 3. China�����������������������������������������c.�Japanese
��� 4. Spain��������������������������������������� d. Russian
��� 5. Italy����� �����������������������������������e. Chinese
����6. Portugal������������������������������������f. Spanish
����7.�Egypt����������������������������������������g. Italian
��� 8. France������������������������������������� h. English
����9. Russia�������������������������������������� i. Portuguese
���10. Greece������������������������������������ j.��Arabic��������������
  • Spelling/Capital Letters/
  • Rewrite the sentences and put the capital letters where necessary�:.
1.�the name of the boy is harry potter.��
2. johanne rowling lived in scotland.���� �
3. you can read harry potter in german.
4. she was in united states in september.
5. joanne married a portuguese man.�����
6. today is saturday.���������������������������
7. she lived near bristol in england.������
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