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Verb to be

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*Complete with the verb to be
1) My mother  from Spain.
2) Peter and Tom  best friends.
3) His parents  proud of him.         
4) I  cooking in the kitchen.
5) They  playing football.
6) Mary's sister  older than her.
7) Her teacher  always late.
8) Tomorrow we  going to the beach.
9) She  studying english.
10) My friends  in the school.
*Complete with is/are/am
Peter Baker from Manchester, but Paul and John from London. Manchester and London cities in England. Hamburg  a city in Germany. Sandra  at school today. Jack and Peter  her friends. They  in the same class. Mr and Mrs Baker  on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne. She  a nice girl. Peter says: "My grandfather  in hospital. I  at home with my grandmother." What time  it? It  8 o'clock.  you tired? No, I  not.