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Present simple

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*Complete with the verb in the present simple
From Monday to Friday Victor [wake] up at seven o’ clock. He stays in bed until a quarter past seven, and then he  [get] up. Then he has a shower. After that he gets dressed and  [go] downstairs to have breakfast. At exactly eight o’clock he  [leave] his house and drives to work. At ten-thirty, he usually has a coffee. Normally, he  [finish] his work at three o’ clock on Fridays.
On Saturdays Victor  [get] up very late and has breakfast with his girlfriend in a café. Then they  [visit] his grandparents. They have lunch in a restaurant in the center of the town. An then, they  [go]  for a walk. In the evening they _ [go] to the cinema.
On Sunday, they normally stay in bed reading the newspapers. In the afternoon, they  [have] a picnic in the park.

*Choose the correct form of the verb


1. I  breakfast.

2. He  coffee in the morning.

3. She  fast food from McDonald’s.

4. He  meat with his dinner.

5. They  their own food.

* Read about what Chris says about his weekends. Write the correct form of the verbs


On Fridays I   (leave) home from work at about 8. Then I normally   (go) for a meal with my wife. She  (arrive) home at about 9, so we  (go) to a restaurant near our house. I usually   (eat) Bife de Lomo, because I   (love) it. On Saturdays I  (not get up) very early - normally at about 10 in the morning. I  (watch) the English football on television and my wife  (go) for a walk. In the evenings we usually  (meet) some friends. Sunday is my favourite day, because I  (do) nothing!!! I watch TV and she  (read) books.
*Choose the correct option

*Tom  like chocolate ice cream.


*I  understand, and you?

*Dr. Watson  smoke.

*We  like classical music very much.

*Mr. Hill  live in New York.

*They  like tea.


*Put the following sentences in order

  1. brightly / is shining / sun / the
  2. in / lives / my sister / New York
  3. birds / sing
  4. cloth / feels / smooth / this
  5. a / is / doctor / good / Mary
  6. interesting / sounds / that / very
  7. a / decided / go / on / picnic / to / we
  8. clean / and /  the / table / the / we / floor
  9. capital / England / is / London / of / the
  10. Argentina / Spanish / in / speak / people