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Connectives 01 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
  Third Year Students
  Technological Streams 2003/2004
  Structure Practice: CONNECTIVES: "," / "But" / "And" / "Or" 

 QuestionExercise ONE:  Complete the following sentences by adding “and, “but or “or.
1. Mrs. Taylor is tall   and   slim.
2. Learning geography is hard  interesting.
3. I don’t like football  soccer.
4. Do you pull the handle  push it?
5. These tools are old  still good.
6. We visited lots of castles  palaces in England.
7. The classes are quite difficult  I’m doing well.
8. I didn’t know whether to turn left  right.

QuestionExercise TWO:  Complete the following sentences by adding”,” and “and” or “or” where necessary. The first one has been done for you.
1. You’ll need paper scissors glue.
    You’ll need paper, scissors and glue.                                                      
2. I don’t enjoy football swimming homework.
3. Shall we play tennis read a book watch TV?
4. Do you want to sit next to Peter David Sam?
5. We visited India Japan South Korea on our trip.
6. Mr. Carter likes classical music pop music jazz.
7. No one likes people who are rude mean cruel.
8. Dad has to make our breakfast help us get dressed take us to school.
QuestionExercise THREE:  Choose the sentence from the box that goes with each sentence below. Join the two sentences with “and”, “but” or “or”. The first one has been done for you.

a) You weren’t at home.                              f) Put it in the fridge.
b) Draw a picture of your favorite animal.  g) We couldn’t find it.
c) Nobody answered.                                   h) Will he drop it?
d) Do you want to play at my house?           i) Is Nicole smarter?
e) It was closed.                                           j) She didn’t know the answer.
1. Shall I bring my computer games to your house?
2. We went to the supermarket.
3. Take this milk.
4. We looked everywhere for the key.
5. I phoned you this morning.
6. Jim asked the teacher.
7. Take a pencil.
8. Is Susan the smartest student in the class?
9. Do you think he’ll catch the ball?
10.We knocked at the door.