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Connectives 02 (Author-Bouabdellah)

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 Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane
 Third Year Students
 Technological Streams 2003/2004
 Structure Practice: Connectives

Question EXERCISE 01: Complete the following sentences using “so” or “because”.
Ermm 1. It was cold  I shut the window. 
Ermm 2. The door was open  I closed it.  
Ermm 3. She doesn't like him  he isn't honest.
Ermm 4. It was raining  I took a taxi. 
Ermm 5. The water wasn't clean  we didn't swim. 
Ermm 6. We didn't swim  the water wasn't clean.
Ermm 7. I'll be home late tonight  I have to work late.
Ermm 8. I'm tired today  I couldn't sleep last night.
Ermm 9. She quit her job  she is looking for a new one now. 
Ermm 10. We walked home  there were no more buses.
Ermm 11. I closed the window  it was cold.
Question EXERCISE 02: Choose the connecting word that completes the sentences meaningfully.
Ermm 1. I don't know  you want to meet that lady. She's such a snob.
Ermm 2. He looks  he were sick.
Ermm 3. He asked  he could smoke a cigarette.
Ermm 4. He insists  I be there.
Ermm 5. He punished the little boy  put salt in his coffee.
Ermm 6. It was raining hard  we left the office.
Ermm 7. He'll have the work done  you arrive.
Ermm 8.  I was saying, how many of you want to attend the conference?
Ermm 9. He must be rich,  he spends a lot of money on gifts for his girlfriend.
Ermm 10.We have been having problems with the heater  we bought it.
Ermm 11.  he said did not please us.
Ermm 12. I liked the car,  I bought it.
Ermm 13. The picture  is hanging over my bed was painted by an art student.
Ermm 14. Her parents will be very happy she passes with flying colors.
Question EXERCISE 03: Choose the connecting word that completes the sentences meaningfully.
Ermm 1. Karen is rich; , her cousin Kate is poor.
Ermm 2. You'd better take a taxi. , you'll arrive late.
Ermm 3.  I enjoy reading this new magazine. ____________ , it has good articles.
Ermm 4. Jack wasn't tired. , he took a nap.
Ermm 5. Phil was not thirsty; , he drank five glasses of water.
Ermm 6. The kids didn't study. , they failed the course.
Ermm 7. The weather was terrible. , we decided to delay our trip.
Ermm 8. You must buy the tickets; , we won't be able to see that play.
Ermm 9. The neighborhood isn't very interesting. I like the house, .
Ermm 10. We live in the same building; , we hardly see each other.
Ermm 11. He didn't earn enough money. , his wife decided to get a job.
Ermm 12. That house isn't big enough for us, and , it's too expensive.
Ermm 13. We have plenty of money and workers; , we hope to finish the house remodeling soon.
Ermm 14. She's extremely rich; , she's not snobbish.
Ermm 15. It was a windy and rainy night. , I decided to go out.