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Ethics In Business and Professions: Education and Corruption. (Author-Bouabdellah) 10-08-2009

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Technicum Si-Tarek of Relizane

Third  Year Pupils   Literary Streams

Unit 02: Ethics In education

Text: Education And Corruption

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PART ONE: Reading Comprehension

A – Text Interpretation:

Thumbs Up-Getting Started:
I-Browse the slides named “Illustration 1–8and match each one with the corresponding sentence from the ones below.

1-Illustration () Bribery is the beginning of corruption. It can start at people’s very young age through actions that may seem innocent.

2-Illustration () But, actually, only the poor desperate people definitely suffer the harmful effects of corruption and bribery.
















3-Illustration () Corruption and bribery affect all domains of our daily life.

4-Illustration () Corruption and bribery are just like a flu pandemic. They can spread quickly amongst weak (personality) people.

5-Illustration () Corruption is/can be practiced in many different ways.

6-Illustration () Corruption often ends up tragically with prison or even with death either for the corrupt or the corrupting people.

7-Illustration () Even education and schools aren’t safe from this plague.

8-Illustration () We can put a limit and even an end this curse, if we all say NO and denounce every act of corruption we come to witness.


Thumbs Up-Read / listen to the text in slides 10-12 carefully then do the activities below.

(you can go forward or backward through the slides to re-read the text as many times as you like)

II-The text is about...  (Tick the correct completion.)


1-Corruption as an important subject in schools.

2-The effects of bribery in education.

3-International organizations and schools.


III-In which paragraph is it mentioned that pupils and students should give more importance to their mental and intellectual abilities than having false degrees?

* It is in paragraph:


IV-Are the following statements true or false.

1-Education prevents children from learning ethical values.

2-Bribery and corruption affect schools and universities only in advanced countries such as the USA.

3-Transparency International thinks that young people had better prefer talent, effort and merit to favoritisms, manipulation and bribery.


V-Answer the following questions according to the text.

1-What is the main function of education?

2-In order to win the combat against unethical behavior in schools and universities Transparency Internation suggests ...
  a) that the young people .
  b) that children .
  c) .
  d) .


B - Text Exploration:


VI-Find in the text words, phrases or expressions that are close in meaning to the following.

1-stand in the way of / don't allow (v) §1=

2-fake/false (adj.) §2= 

3-protected (adj.) §3= 

VII-Find in the text words, phrases or expressions that are opposite in meaning to the following.

1-ignorance (n) §1=/=

2-unusual (adj.) §2=/=

3-for (prep.) §3=/=


VIII-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense and form.

Mrs. Peggy Flint teaches English at Charters Comprehensive School. She (1-to become)  a teacher in 1991. Since then, She has been teaching at Charters comprehensive school. Mrs. Peggy Flint (2-to be)  for co-education because, according to her, it (3-to offer)  children nothing than a true version of the "society in miniature". Mrs. Peggy Flint (4-to come)  to Algeria next month to attend a conference on teaching.


IX-Rewrite the following sentence using “unless”.

1-Education won’t be efficient if it is not free of all kinds of unethical practices.


X-How many syllables are there in each of the following words and which one is stressed.



of Syllables


Syllable N°








PART TWO: Writing


XI-Write a composition on one of the following situations. This is a home work to be done on a double sheet of paper and handed to your teacher when asked.

1. You are a member of an association of teachers opposed to physical punishment which you consider as an immoral and unethical behavior in this profession. Write an article to a local newspaper in which you explain why you are against corporal punishment and what consequences it may have on students. You may use the following notes to help:

- loss of self-confidence.

- Disrespect and hate towards adults.

- Complex of inferiority.

- Hate of studies.

- School failure.
- Desire of revenge/ social misbehavior.

2. Imagine you are a psychologist in a school and that you are talking to a child who has been behaving wrongly for the last few weeks.  Write the dialogue.


Now that you are done, take a moment to consider what it is all about.

How long must all these curses continue poinsoning our world?

Isn't it time to get involved to make it even better than tomorrow,

for all the children for all the people,

because everyone can make a difference.

Visit this site and participate to realize this change.

Every Thing Is Possible.