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      apple           orange             sun            tree             sky          fun   
. Listen to the song. Check the cards and fill in the blanks.
                                            Oh, I like red. It's the colour of an
                         Orange. It's the colour of an .
                           Yellow . It's a lemon and a wonderful , sun, sun.
                          Green. It's the colour of the  and lots of things that grow.
                          And then there's blue for the
                          And purple that's a colour that's , fun, fun.
                          And when we put those colours side by side
                           Now, what do you think we've done?
                           We've made a  and it's a really beautiful one, one, one.
    Red  Orange  Yellow  Green  Blue  Purple  Pink  Brown     
. Find the name of the animal and its colour.
 The   is  The  is    The  is
 The  is   The  is   The  is
. Look at each fruit and find its name. Is the sentence true or false? Click on the correct option.
 1.               An  is pink.  True    False
2.   An  is green.  True    False
3.         A  is orange.    True    False
4.    These   are purple.   True   False
5.     This  is orange.     True   False
 Mixing colours to make...
           purple  grey   orange   green  pink  .brown    
 Write the correct word.
   1. If we mix blue  and yellow, we make .
   2. If we mix red  and yellow, we make .
   3. If we mix black and white, we make .
   4. If we mix red  and blue, we make .
   5. If we mix red  and white, we make .
   6.  If we mix red  and black, we make .
                                                                                                                                                          by Anna Pessoa