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Correct the error

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Correct the Error

Correct the errors in the following sentences:

1.  I are very tired today.
2.  The book was lying in the floor, and I picked it up.
3.  I am work on the project.
4.  She is usually doing her homework every day at this time.
5.  Tom is at the swimming pool.  She is lying in the sun.
6.  How much apples are in the basket?
7.  Look! Billy swim.
8.  Everyday, Susan work in the garden.
Short answers.  Correct!
1.  Are you going to the cinema?
     Yes, I are.  
2.  Is she 12 years old?
 No, she is. 
3  Are we late?
     Yes, we is. 
  Correct the spelling of the underlined word, and fill in the crossword.
1.  The boys leg was braken.
2.  Everyday we wark to school.
3.  A stich in time saves nine.
4.  Wate for me.  I am coming.
5.  I sleeped late today.
6.  She ordered chiken and fries.
7.  I studi in the evening.
8.  There were pretty, white clowds in the sky.
9.  I hait Michelle.  She broke my new pencil.
10.  Were are you going?
11.  I eight my breakfast at 10:00 o'clock.
13.  I am very thirsty.  Bring me some warter, please.
14.  Turn to paje 47.
16.  They took there dog to the vet.
17.  Put your keys in a safe plase.
18.  Write your name at the top off the page.
19.  I am baiking a cake.