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Synonyms - Word Choice 5

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Synonyms - Word Choice 5

1.   It looks like we're in for some rain.  clouds are forming in the sky.
2.  I hate the sound of glass .
3.  Have you seen my shoes  the house?
4.  Please don't  the equipment. You will have to pay for the damaged equipment.
5.  Karen was  of the beehive in the tree.
6.  The teacher  some homework to the students.
7.  Did you  any silverware for our picnic?
8.  It was a great  for Stephen to graduate.
9.  I , I ate all of the ice cream.
10. Steven is in his  stage right now because his body is growing so fast.
11. Jack held up his jacket to  Christina from the rain.
12. I don't . Could you please repreat yourself and talk a lottle slower?
13. Zach  his fear of snakes by learning about them.
14. There's a  in the serial killer's confession.
15. Sheryl always wears expensive designer .
16. In , the lost child screamed for his mom.
17. Jim and Mary  their apartment with Oriental antiques.
18. The woman  all over the house for her keys.
19. Out family lives next to a chocolate .
20. The teacher  his students after they finished the book.
21. Josh told a very  joke. No one laughed.
22. Will Carla  into that dress.
23. The company will  uniforms for their staff.
24. There is an  in the newspaper about political unrest in Indonesia.